Charles Michael Davis is a 28 year old Filipino and African American actor from Dayton Ohio. Most of you probably know him from the TV Shows "The Game", "Switched at Birth", "The Vampire Diaries", "Grey's Anatomy" and as Marcel in the hit series, "The Originals". This blog is fully dedicated to him, and to show our support of him as he becomes famous.

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FAVOURITE CHARACTER MEME: [3/3] relationships

↳ Klarcel
It comes from Mars, the god of war, and it means ‘little warrior’.
Klaus saw himself in the boy. He remembered how our father used to beat him. He, too, was the bastard child of a man who saw him as nothing but a beast. And that is why your plan will fail. All you’ve done if bring back together two long-lost souls. Without Elijah between them, who knows what they’ll do.

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